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              I'm Jana Warren,
              the owner of Lifetimes on Video.  
              When I was 26, I received a video gift made by a few                   
               of my friends.  Photo Montages weren't popular back                   
               then, and to make this video, my friends acted out                       
               skits, panned a camera across a scattering of                              
              photographs of me, and they talked into the camera wishing me
a happy birthday and telling me they loved me.  I will never forget how I
felt about that gift.  I laughed till I cried.  It was a feeling that still makes
the list of all time greatest moments in my life.

I was determined to give that feeling of "honor" to others in my life.  
Now this was a time before people had computers in their homes, so to
create these videos I used to tape photographs to a wall, record them for
5 seconds, pause the camera, replace the photo and hit record again,
until I'd had a video track of all the photos.  Then I would play the
from my video camera,
and an audio cassette tape from a tape player
and record both at the same time onto a VHS in a VCR.  The result was a
crude video photo album with no transitions.  But I would play them at
parties as gifts and friends would ask me to make one for them to give as
a gift to someone else.  Sometimes I did it, but I always felt the quality was

The computer boom changed everything.  About 9 years ago I decided to
change careers and my husband suggested I create a company that can
make videos for others.  He knew how much I loved making these videos
and so we invested in the equipment and I taught myself the programs.

It is such a rewarding job to be working at creating what I consider to be
art, as well as to help others make an incredible gift for someone else
that they wouldn't be able to do without my help.  I work closely with every
client and put my heart into every project.  I work with people from all over
the United States via mail, and have grown with referrals.  All of my clients
have been happy clients.  See my testimonial page !