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The Basic Video**   $435.00*

Special effects added for an additional $100

Up to 100 photographs
$2.50 for each additional photograph added to basic video.

(Videos exceeding 300 photos will be charged an additional $100 to the above charges.)

Each photograph is cropped for optimum composition, and choreographed to music with a variety of transitions. Special effects will be added when photo composition and music allow.  Each project is inspired by your music and photos. See additional costs for possible add-ons. Select about 10-12 photographs for each minute of music.

A title card will open and close the video.

Please note: $125 deposit required on Basic Video

(Please scroll down to "additional charges for additional services in this category"

  Express Video or Flip Album on CD*
Charged by the photograph
$2.65 per photograph /  Minimum Charge of $125.00
(Videos exceeding 300 photos will be charged an additional $100 to the above charges.)

Each photograph is cropped for optimum composition.  Photos are evenly timed. A dissolve transition will be used between each element.  Select about 10-12 photos for each minute of music.  The turnaround time for this video is within one week but reservations need to be made.  Call to schedule your project, even if you aren't ready with all the materials.

*for captions on Flip Album add $1.00 per photo.

A title card will open and close the video.

Actors Demo Reels

Speed Reels (newest format for highlighting your work in one minute)....  $250.00*
* You must bring your clips or email them in a high quality format (I can instruct you) and detail the segments you want pieced together. I will assist you. Two versions provided, one WITH your headshot and one without your headshot. Provided on DVD and CD data disc as an mov and wmv file so you can upload to casting directors and talent agents, et

3-5 min Demo Reel ...Starting at $500.00 Clips must be prepared and organized by time logs. (I can instruct you on how to prepare) Provided on DVD and CD data disc as an mov and wmv file so you can upload to casting directors and talent agents, etc

Edited Demo Reel Starting at $1000.00 You provide videos/DVD's of your work. I will view, capture and edit the material into a draft demo reel, and we will work together to adjust the material to your specifications. For whatever types of reels you desire (Highlights of your work, demo reels, speed reels, etc)

Extensive revisions $50 per instance.

Visualization Video A short 2 to 3 min video of visual clips and title cards tailored to your specific goals and affirmations. You will email clips of images that inspire you and we will incorporate strong messages emphasizing your goals. Watch 2 to 3 times a day for effectiveness. INTRODUCTORY COST OF $150.00

(iPod/iPhone version, add $10)

Ready Made Visualization Videos $15 each (prices subject to change)

Web Site Videos Prices Vary starting at $450

Professional Profile Videos Prices Vary starting at $450 (detailing the services someone provides. A brief overview of a business or person, usually running no more than 5 mins)

Product "How To" Videos Prices Vary starting at $1000 (video demonstration of how to use a product)

Corporate Promotional/Presentation Videos Prices Vary starting at $1000 (Presenting the aspects of a business and it's services, used for Corporate Presentations Expos/Trade Shows, Direct Mail, and other sales tools)

Lifeography Video $5000.00 NEW SERVICE! (Check the demo on the home page)
A documentary video. An all encompassing video biography. Complete with photographs, video clips and personal interviews or voiced over narration. You will receive a worksheet to prepare for this project.
This video is custom designed based on the specific aspects of a persons life you want to document.

Call to discuss specific details.

Other Services:

Scanning Photos to CD........$1.00/photo up to 8X10 (Add $1.00 to each photo that is in a photo Album (such as a Wedding Album or Bar Mitzvah Album) and needs to be scanned from the Album)

Scanning Slides to CD..$4.00/slide (Scanned at 2400 resolution as a TIF. You will receive an additional copy of each slide as a JPG in a lower resolution as well, plus an express montage for convenience of viewing)

  'Video Editing'  Video       Prices Vary starting at $300
Video clips edited together.  

A title card will open and close the video.

Conversion of VHS or video camera tapes to DVD-R      
Transfer up to 2 hours of your home VHS or video camera tapes onto DVD-R.
$30 per VHS Tape Transfer, plus $15 per clip when multiple clips are requested.  

SPECIAL PRICE: $10 PER TAPE! (Additional fee of $10 will be added to each 2 hours of material on one tape)



Additional Charges and where they apply
$1.50 for each composition of two or more combined photographs to appear      
$5.00 for each brief video clip added to basic video.  
$1.50 for each additional title card or caption under photograph.*
$1.50 per song for legal downloads when necessary.

$10 per edit for editing music clips together.
$15.00 to $25.00  for each scrolled message in video.  Time limits will apply.
$1.50 per photo when recomposing photo* (such as a newspaper article to appear
on screen, or restoring old/cracked photos, or editing a photo to your specifications.)

*These fees are in addition to the cost of scanning the element for the video.


Reorganization Fee....$50.00/segment/instance*
Applies when a project needs to be reworked due to clients revisions.
If you have changed your mind about the order of the photos and the project needs to be reworked because of this, it is considered 'reorganization'.   This fee applies to each ‘segment’ (song) reworked and each time the segment is revised.

*Extensive reorganization fee is $100 per song.

Pre-production Meeting
This fee is for local clients who bring their photos to the meeting unordered, and need assistance
organizing the project to begin with.

Copies of Video ....................@$ 30.00 Current Special $10 each

Shipping: All packages sent from my office will be
shipped by Federal Express and charged accordingly.
I will gladly and prefer to ship via your Federal Express
Account Number and of course, waive the shipping fee.

Prices are subject to increase January 2009.
Photographs and Video Elements are returned with finished project
but can be returned sooner when necessary.  
Pricing is subject to sales tax where applicable.