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1.  Select a song that emphasizes the occasion.
Please ask for additional assistance if you have trouble making your own

Collect sharp photographs (10 - 12 pictures for each minute of song)
and put them in the order you want them displayed.  (Number your
photos on the back lightly in pen --
do not place newly numbered photos
on top of each other
- the ink may bleed onto your photographs.  
Some people use post-it notes attached to the photograph).
If you are using captions for your photographs (see additional charges on
pricing page) print the caption on a post-it  and attach it to the photo, also
put the number of the photo on the post-it note to cross reference it.


'A' Landscape Style                    'B' Portrait Style

Note:  The television screen is a rectangle.  Portrait style photos (as in the
'B' example above may have a black border around photo as illustrated)

If the border bothers you, you may want to choose landscape style
photos as shown in  'A' in the example above.

Place all elements for each song in separate envelopes or zip-lock
Label each envelope/bag with the song title, the order of the song,
and the number of elements enclosed:



--obviously use an envelope large enough for all your elements.

Write out your title card and closing card.  This will be your
introduction to
the video and your closing sentiments.  You can personalize your own
special message or say something as simple as, "Happy Anniversary
Mom & Dad".
See title card page for examples.

This website is designed to provide information on my company.
I do not take orders via the Internet.  We must speak and discuss your
project, your due date, your music, etc.  Please call to get more
information and schedule the job.