Jana!!!!   I can not begin to tell you how not only my mom, but the whole entire party
could not believe how great the video (DVD) was!!  It was the hit of the party ( I must
say!)  Really, my mom was crying and laughing and pretty much freaking out over
it....words can not express my gratitude for your perfection!!  Thanks a bunch!! -
Marlena Martino, Plantation

Jana, I had a thought to put pictures to music in a video and had no idea where to
begin or if anyone did such a thing.  Then I found you.  I met with you and explained
that I wanted a video for my daughters 16th birthday.  From the beginning your
enthusiasm was great.  I think sometimes you were more excited than I was.  I was
speechless with this video.  Watching it was breathtaking at times.  The time and
interest you put into this video showed throughout the entire video.  Just the special
effects and the way you handled each phase of the video.  The time you took to call
relatives that could not be there and get special voice messages meant so much
not only to her but to them as well, they felt they were there along with everyone
else.  I am not sure I can find the right words to express how much it meant to me.  
You took an idea and created something more than I ever imagined.  It was just
beautiful and something I will treasure forever.
- Cathy Salomon, Florida

Oh my God! I was simultaneously laughing & crying (I guess that's the desired
effect). I LOVED it all. Now I'm inspired to pull pictures for my mom's DVD. I've
played it 3-4 times & I love it more each time I see it.  Thank you so much.
Kris McGarry, Las Vegas, Nevada

There was no more touching moment at my mother's 85th birthday party than the
viewing of your incredible video.  Each picture coupled with her favorite tunes,
elicited joyous outbursts, applause, and tears by all the attendees!  The ease,
speed, and accuracy with which the video was made were exceptional, but most
evident were the enthusiasm and love that you put into your work.  It was truly a
sentimental masterpiece, and I can never thank you enough for your input in
making this the most satisfying gift I have ever given.  Your passion and pleasure in
your work are apparent, and I shall be sure to recommend you to anyone who
wishes to make a memorable and loving statement for any occasion
- Camille Barnett,  Florida

Thank you so much for the outstanding video you put together for our Uncle's 70th
birthday!  It was the highlight of the bash!  What do you give a man who has
everything including enough money to buy what he doesn't already have?  A
Lifetime On Video!  The idea was great, collecting the pictures and choosing the
music was fun, but the final product -- priceless!!  Your added special effects as well
as your expert advice and production truly made the video the impressive gift it
was.  I really appreciated your interest in making sure it was what we liked as well as
the enthusiasm you showed in the process.  I highly recommend your product to
everyone, it is a gift that keeps on giving.
 - Sarah  Nickoson, Florida

wish my words of gratitude could equal the surge of happiness you have brought
in my life.  I know you are not in this business for money, you spent countless hours
working on my project and what I paid would be considered a bargain.  Your energy
as a person comes out in your work and it is amazing!
 Caryn Nolan - Florida

"I had two videos made - one for a 40th Birthday, one for Mother's Day. Both
recipients could not have been more surprised or impressed.  These by far are the
best presents I have ever given.  Material things may come and go, but there is no
better way to show someone how much you care about them than one of these
-Lynn Gariboldi,  Plantation, FL

My family and I want to thank you for the most amazing videos on this planet. You
are definitely an angel in disguise.  You have such a talent with your videos, thank
you for all the time, thought, & dedication you took to help Jason's 30th birthday be
remembered for a lifetime.  Thank you for putting all of your heart and soul into the
.  -Tammy Tappan  North Lauderdale, FL

My wife loved her 40th Birthday Video!  It was a big hit at her party, there wasn't a
dry eye in the house.  Her parents were thrilled with the tape and insisted that we  
make a copy for them.  Thanks for all of your help in making my wife's 40th birthday
extra special!  
Mike Mannello  Rockaway, NJ

Our wedding weekend would not have been complete without your brilliant work.  
We made a video to capture our favorite memories with our family and bridal party.  
The overwhelming emotions that were felt throughout the room that night made us
realize how no other gift could ever compare
.  -Stacy Nadler  Plantation, FL

My husband was overwhelmed and deeply touched!  He is still talking about it days
later.  He said it's the best present he'll ever receive.  Thank you for making our
20th Anniversary so very special!!
   -The Ramsay Family    Margate, Florida

I called to make a video for my husband's 25th birthday.  Your excitement about
your work got me fired-up.  You went out of your way to make sure I got this gift on
time and it was even better than I expected.  It was so wonderful that  had to get one
made for my Mother's Christmas present.
 -Tracey-Ann Pena  Miami, Florida.

My parents told me that this was the best gift they had received in their lives and
they are 70ish.  I kept an extra tape for myself and cry each time I see it!  It is the
greatest gift that you will enjoy for a lifetime. It made our Christmas complete.  
Gina Benner,  Margate Florida.

Your service was AAA+. You really care and took the time to make sure I was
happy.  The video was wonderful.  My family comments were: 'I will cherish it
always.  You have brightened  my heart with fond memories of the people that are
very special to me'.  My mom is still crying
.  -Rosemarie Baker  Pompano Beach, FL

My mother watches her video regularly and still cries!! When she first saw it she
could not believe it! There aren't enough words to express how the video touched
her.  It truly is a priceless gift.  There is no better gift to celebrate life and pay tribute
to the ones you love and hold dearly.
 -Tracey Neilly  Sunrise, FL

It was the best possible gift ever, for my sister, for Christmas.  It was original, and
will be her most prized keepsake.  The service was wonderful, the work - perfect
and our whole family loved it!  
 -Alice Surita   Plantation, Florida.

The video was a gift for my mother's 70th birthday from her 3 daughters - it was
hard to tell who was crying more.  Definitely a great gift!
 - Patrice Wiegman  
Plantation, Florida

The graduation video you put together for my two oldest children was wonderful.  
Even my “non-emotional” son took his copy off to college with him.  Thanks again, I
will definitely recommend you
.   -Debbie Miller  Miami, FL

Just wanted to say thank you for your help with this video!  I know you went out of
your way to do it so quickly for me.  I can tell that you love what you do and really
put your heart in to it!  -
Stacie Thieman  Sunrise, FL

ou put together the most moving family treasure we have next to the videos of our
kids being born!  We have watched it over and over and cried every time.
-Teresa Krebs  Parkland, Florida.

Words fail me to describe how happy we are with the 50th anniversary video you did
for us.  What is particularly amazing to me is how you took 70 year old, off-centered,
faded, etc. photos and made the output look tremendous!!! The special effects
were perfect - some were touching and others were funny.  We were equally
impressed with your timing of the music.  You managed to make each transition fit
perfectly.  Thanks to you, we had a gift that my parents will cherish the rest of their
 -Karen Dorway  Miami,  FL

This video is amazing!  I cried through the entire thing- Thank you so much for all of
your help and patience.  I am so impressed with not only the finished product but
also the process and your enthusiasm for the project! Thanks for making my
mothers 60th birthday gift truly special!
 -Michelle Kozlow - Michigan

Even though we had a chance to chat on the phone, I just wanted to thank you
again! I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to have a video to watch with my family.  I
know it was hard for you to make and I really appreciate the time, energy and love
that went into it
.  Amy Iamundo  Pearl River, NY

When we picked up our completed video we couldn't believe how wonderful it was.  
It was perfect, from start to finish. There isn't one thing I would change.  Thank you
so much for creating the most special gift we've ever given. Your enthusiasm for
your work really shines through!
 -Susan Kehl  Pembroke Pines, FL

Truly the best way to bottle up memories to preserve them forever and yet relive
them whenever possible.  I could not have imagined a better video - each picture  
and angle was better than the next. Thank you for the best gift ever!
-Rebecca Ginzburg  New York, NY

I wanted to thank you for such a wonderful job you did in putting together a lifetime
of memories for my mother and my family.  Prior to giving my mother the tape, my
sisters and I watched the video everyday for a week and each photo touched our
heart in many ways.  Without your support, recommendations and professionalism,
this gift would not have been possible.  I have seen a few friends who have done a
similar type video  but do not come close to the work you have done.  The video
was so well put together by you that I wish that you were able to see my mother’s
face as she watched the video, she could not stop crying.  This was definitely a gift
that our family will cherish forever!
 -Denise Scott - Plantation, FL

What can I say...the video was a wonderful gift which my in-laws truly loved and I
know will cherish for years.  They have watched it several times.  The other guests
loved seeing the video and spotting their own pictures!!  You did a great job and I
appreciate the care you take in making sure every detail is perfect.!
  -Laura Luff  
Weston, FL

I thought the video was absolutely great.  I loved the special effects.  You are very
talented, and thank you for touching up The pictures.
  -Nicole Siegel  Michigan

Words cannot express my gratitude for the AWESOME adoption video you did for
me. Your attention to detail was incredible, and it amazed me how well you
choreographed the pictures to the words of the music. The special affects were
awesome. I can not applaud you and your talents enough. What you created will be
a keepsake for my daughter when she gets older and it will tell her the story of how
we became a family. Thank you so much for your incredible patience and vision.
Working via e-mails and phone calls, can definitely be a difficult task, but you
showed me that the impossible was POSSIBLE! There wasn't a dry eye; whether it
was family or friends, who saw the video. Thank you again for making a vision a
- Jeannie Arcuri, White Plains, NY

I would like to say “wow” - you’ve done it again...you took my breath away...with
another montage.. I met you by word of mouth 5 years ago & since then we have
created one for each member of my family; my mother, dad, uncle, brother, and now
me!  My family and I think your work is forever changing - you update when needed
& no 2 videos were even remotely similar...I loved mine!  With much gratitude for
your dedication to helping make 40 feel fabulous
- Sherri Krakower, Plantation, FL

Just another thank you!  It’s been such a delight to work with you each and every
 - Honey Mayer, Coral Springs, FL

WOW! All I can say is WOW!
What a gift you gave to all of us! Thank you so very much!! Just imagine me
hugging you and brimming from ear to ear!
I loved how you used the photos and the music was phenomenal. It flowed
beautifully. You did a wonderful job! You've got talent girl, no doubt about it.
- Ronda Zawel, Brooklyn, NY

I just watched the video for the first time. I was too busy at the party. I swear I have
tears in my eyes and it gave me the chills!!! That was done so well and I just can't
describe how good it was to watch it. Thank you so much , thank you, thank you.
-Denise Van Rinsvelt, Mooresville, NC

HI Jana...it was so wonderful. My in-laws were so overwhelmed I cannot begin to tell
you! They are still thanking us every time we talk to them! It was a very special
afternoon...and Kenny's grandmother (92) was able to come and watch it with us.
Thanks for helping to make this such a success.!
-  -Jamie Fenster, Weston, FL

I can't stop watching it! I love it so much. - - Randi Gold, Queens, NY

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